We offer a comprehensive range of support services, all designed to add value to the partnerships we develop with our customers. From customised formulations and training courses to warehousing and distribution, our facilities, people and decades of experience are placed at your disposal, enabling you to reduce overheads and develop new opportunities. Whatever your unique set of requirements, we can provide a flexible, strategic solution.


Our strategically situated network of facilities presents a unique opportunity for customers and suppliers to fulfil their specific distribution and warehousing needs. From blending and mixing to the storage of products (drums, cans, pails, IBC, bulk etc), repacking, labelling and filling, we can provide a flexible and integrated solution to almost any logistical requirement.

This extends to the consolidation of stock at our dedicated premises, including 10,000sq m of storage capacity at our Gothenburg depot through to efficient transportation management including cross-border documentation and local market customs and taxation.

We pride ourselves on meeting the highest standards for safety, quality and integrity as we manage the needs of customers throughout Scandinavia, Finland, Baltic States and Iceland, competitively and on time, every time.

Education and Technical Support

AmphoChem takes pride in the high levels of support it provides for its customers, enabling them to achieve their goals in terms of efficiency, the environment and business growth. Innovation and ever more stringent environmental legislation requires businesses to continually adapt products to meet latest compliance regulations and to reduce their environmental impact.

With decades of market knowledge and technical expertise, our customers can rely upon us to work alongside them to develop new products and customise formulations. Whether you are looking to new marketing opportunities or adapting formulations to meet the requirements of eco-labels such as the Nordic Svan, Svepet, Naturskyddsföreningen and EU Flower, AmphoChem is your value-added solution provider.

Formulation School

Bi-annually AmphoChem invites its customers to participate in its highly acclaimed Formulation School. This dedicated two-day event, undertaken in collaboration with world-leading suppliers of chemicals and additives, enables customers to extend their knowledge of formulations, basics in surface chemistry, latest and impending laws, compliance regulations and AmphoChem’s latest product developments.

Formulation School provides insight into product development designed to reduce environmental impact and best practise to achieve sustainability. 

Supply Chain Consolidation

AmphoChem specialises in developing ‘ tail project’ solutions for customers, enabling them to reduce costs, reduce risks and improve customer relationships. From regional suppliers to global manufacturers, we utilise our in-house expertise to improve the operational efficiencies of our customers by eliminating those less profitable products (usually by frequency of sales or package size) from the distribution operation.

We also take care of all compliance demands, warehousing, quality control and safety whilst providing your customers with technical support and the highest possible standards of customer service.

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